The level of anticipation for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey probably isn’t where Warner Brothers would prefer right now. Surprising, given it was only 9 years ago the Tolkien-mania reached a fevered pitch garnering 11 Academy Awards (in every category it was nominated for). Whether it’s the perceived lighter tone, the 48fps misfire or decision to expand a 310 page book into three 3-hour films, there’s a certain apathy that’s increasingly palpable.

TV spots like this one are going to go a long way in turning things around I suspect. There’s a great deal of new action on display as WB looks to remind audiences, “Hey! It’s a new Peter Jackson ‘Rings’ movie!” Will the masses rekindle their love affair? We’ll know on December 14th, when The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey be hobbiting all over again. For the first time.

Source: WB