know it’s Shia LeBeouf’s year. But I’m not basing it on the success of Disturbia
or Transformers.
I’m not basing it on the fact that Spielberg
reportedly loves the kid and wants
to have his babies. I’m not basing it on his surely skyrocketing asking price.
No, no, no. I look at what’s really important: The quality of his onscreen
female co-stars. He started the year off with the nice, but unheard of Sarah
Roemer before doing his damnedest not ask Megan Fox “What the fuck is up with
the Brian Austin Green shit? And by that, I mean your tattoo…” on the set of Michael Bay’s superduper blockbuster. Now, our
boy’s continuing to rack ‘em up with the addition of Michelle Monaghan to his
upcoming flick Eagle Eye.

signed on to play a single mother who teams up with LeBeouf to fight The Man as
they’ve been framed terrorists in a vast conspiracy. It’s yet another high
profile “Hi, I’m the hotness and I’ll be keeping your eyes busy between action
scenes” role for Monaghan who was last seen doing just that in Mission:
Impossible III
. Rosario Dawson is also along for the ride to help
shoulder the burden.

visibility should be riding high at the time as she’s the lead in the upcoming
Farrelly Bros. comedy The Heartbreak Kid, and will also
have Gone
Baby Gone
and (sigh…) Made of Honor dropping before Eagle
hits. That’s a pretty slick mainstream slate, and with the strike
looming, she could add another 56 or 57 projects or so given her fairly unique
combination of looks, talent, and affordability.