What if I told you you’re about to see a trailer for a $130 million blockbuster starring Monica Bellucci (Brotherhood of the Wolf), produced by Irwin Kershner (The Empire Strikes Back, dead), and directed by Pitof (Catwoman)?  Well, none of that ever came to pass. Except for the $130 million part, somebody totally had to write that check. Perhaps a better question is, “What if Birdemic had $130 million budget to piss away?”

Such is the behind-the-scenes story of Empires of the Deep, a production that saw its principal talent (and Pitof) leave the project early, yet managed to limp to the finish like some sort of undead monstrosity in a shave under three years. A joint venture between Chinese and American interests, Pitof was replaced by Jonathan Lawrence who went on to be replaced by Michael French who hunkered down and got this fucker made. Bellucci was replaced by Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko while filling in for the deceased Kershner was… well… nobody. Despite enduring three directors, the loss of its star, and the lack of the producer, we now are graced with this epically bad trailer:

Source: A big thanks to Twitch for getting the ball rolling on this one.