Bond. JPEG Bond.

With dozens of dozens of rave reviews posted for Skyfall, the film is already set-up to have a nice wave of hype and backlash upon its stateside November 9th release, which means you’ve likely got some Bond arguments ahead of you. While the director is certainly convinced he’s been empowered to go new places and a lot of “the best Bond ever” is being tossed around from new fans, some purists are already popping the brakes on such statements.

We here at CHUD want you to be well-armed for such discussions, so if you’re a Bond fan that needs to brush up on your basic stats before getting into it heavy with your friends, take a look at this primitively illustrated but informative infographic from It’s a pretty basic collection of facts from the Bond wiki and such, but it’s a convenient cheat sheet to brush up on stats like how many women Dalton’s Bond slept with versus how many dudes Roger Moore killed. That graphic is right below (click to big).

In celebration of the upcoming Bond, Daniel has been churning out some great Bond-related pieces in the last few weeks that I hope you’ve been reading. Make sure you’re all caught up- they’re great…


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