Despite looking like a kind of bland CGI adventure featuring one scene with a batch of cool cameos, the buzz on Wreck-It Ralph is very strong. Looks like Disney has pulled off a solid hit outside of the Pixar garden if the perfect storm of adult nostalgia, good reviews, and kid excitement come together the way they’re hoping.

Ads like the ones below definitely help, with three commercials for the Arcade games featured in the film offering some fun teases of the film. Aesthetically they hit the 80s, 90s, and the present cleverly enough, with the evolution of the birthday prize, studio logos, and aspect ratio being my favorite touches. Mostly it’s just repackaged trailer imagery (with Hero’s Duty featuring a Skrillex track of course), but they’re quick and fun.

Wreck-It Ralph hits theaters on November 2nd, along with The Man With The Iron Fists- pull a double fature with your young cousins!

via Collider