the accident that sets Be Kind Rewind‘s narrative in motion seems exceptionally flimsy as presented in this just-debuted theatrical trailer, everything else about Michel Gondry’s latest movie looks like utter, uncut joy. And if you can’t embrace the awesome of Jack Black and Mos Def remaking Ghostbusters, Robocop and Boyz n the Hood on a shoestring budget because all of the rental tapes at their video store have been erased, then I’m leaving and taking the dogs with me, Katharine.

When this project was announced a year ago, it sounded a bit too twee; and if Michel Gondry’s movies have one recurring flaw, its their propensity for overwhelming tweeness. Now, given the surprisingly conventional tenor of this trailer, I’m more worried that Be Kind, Rewind might be too normal for Gondry, who needs to have the right to go bonkers even if he doesn’t always exercise it. In the past, it’s been the strong voice of an equally idiosyncratic screenwriter or stand-up comic who’s saved Gondry from his worst excesses; here, it looks like the grounding influence could be the the studio, New Line, as I doubt Gondry initially imagined Rush Hour 2 as one of the movies his characters would restage. I hope this isn’t going to be a problem.  (Edit: Never mind.  I just noticed that Partizan and Focus are the production companies; New Line is just the distributor.  The heavy hand of Bob Shaye is not at work here.)

Curse my cynical nature! For now, let’s just enjoy this very charming trailer. Be Kind Rewind is currently scheduled for a limited theatrical release on December 21st.