Man, I really really hope this movie is some kind of awesome.

I’m skeptical- they’ve been hesitant to show the film to anyone (there’s still not a single review on RT, for instance), and while the RZA (and the poster department!) has been doing an extremely effective job of promoting the film, that kind of secrecy is rarely a good sign. It could just mean the film is a crazy one that they don’t expect too many critics to appreciate (fair) or that they’re doubly frightened of piracy, considering the target audience tends to be predisposed to the practice (also fair). Whatever it is, I hope it’s truly strategic, and not a¬†reflection¬†of the quality.

In any event, there’s plenty of material out there representing the film, promising a stylish movie with a ton of imagination and some scenery chewing performances. If the fights are up to snuff and it’s not so retarded as to liquify one’s brain, I don’t know how it couldn’t turn out to be a worthwhile time at the movies.

In any event, RZA’s personal trailer for his character The Blacksmith has arrived, capping off these character trailers, which are all cut the same way, including the same silly comedic beats (Chin Chin!). The film hits November 2nd against Wreck-It Ralph, so it’s getting real real close. I doubt I’ll catch an early screening since I’ll be in Savannah for a film festival, but I do have a STELLAR interview with the RZA which –even though it’s a roundtable– is still one of the coolest interviews I’ve ever been a part of. Keep your eyes peeled.

Bong bong.


…and here are the rest of the character trailers, and I’ve gone ahead and tossed in the latest red-band trailer at the bottom in case you haven’t seen it.

Bronze Lion

Madame Blossom

Brass Body

Jack Knife

Red-Band Trailer


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