Here’s a Zack Snyder casting choice every libidinous geek can get behind: Carla Gugino has been announced as the female form behind the original Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter. Like several other actors in the film, Gugino will be aged to appear both younger and older for scenes taking place at different points on Watchmen‘s timeline.

This is an interesting choice for Jupiter, who will very likely have to suffer the indignity of forced consent by the Comedian…assuming WB doesn’t shirk out of the would-be rape scene. Gugino is strong enough to make the scene work, and I think to convincingly work with Snyder’s aging scheme.

First American Gangster and now Watchmen — that’s a tasty high-profile bump. And she’s even got her own inspirational coaching movie hitting shortly (Our Lady Of Victory) which means she’s unquestionably back in the big time.