*UPDATE: There’s no trend more deserving of a slow and painful death than this “trailer for the trailer” nonsense. At least this one tries, splicing fresh footage into the NYCC’s crowd reaction to the real deal. Watch it, don’t watch it, we’ll have the real thing for you tomorrow:

I have no idea what to expect from an Evil Dead remake. It’s always difficult to get a read on a film when the producer’s the one selling you on it; of course he’s going to say it’s great. But when that producer is Bruce Campbell? It makes the below interview worth a listen.

I like that he points out the original Evil Dead was devoid of humor, as people expecting the slapstick gore of its sequel will be sorely disappointed. And a return to retro horror is something many filmmakers have tried but few have been able to replicate – still, if The Chin is confidant in the film perhaps he’s earned some trust at this point. This interview comes to us from Machinima at New York Comic Con last week and, aside from how agitated Campbell appears from the sitdown, I’m just really digging that groovy suit. I think I saw the same sport coat on a mannequin at S-Mart last week:

Source: Slashfilm