Special thanks to B-Action Thread poster, Dragonrage for bringing this to my attention.

The Day Of Reckoning is upon us. On Thursday, the VOD premiere of the latest Universal Soldier film will be released. Much has been made about it being an action/horror hybrid, and this latest red band trailer pretty much asserts itself as that being true. I particularly loved the strobe light effect.

John Hyams already showed us that he could make a theatrical quality film with Universal Soldier: Regeneration, so the fact that he’s basically been given carte blanche to do whatever he wanted with this film, and it looking pretty friggin’ great, is already making me hope that there is a 5th one. You lucky people who get lots of limited release films will be able to see it in a theater on November 30th. The rest of us have to pay the VOD price, and I’ll do that. Gladly.

Check it out below and see the fabulous action on display. Col. Kurtz, er, I mean Luc Deveraux, Sgt. Scott, and new Unisol “John” will be coming at you..in 3D! Oh yeah, and Arlovski is back too!