Death at a Funeral"Hey, what’s that Creature Corner guy doing writing about a comedy?"

Well, since Devin picked up and left the East Coast for the sunny, Armenian-packed land of milk and honey known as LA, Chud has been without a NYC base. I’m the last bastion of hope for all you New Yorkers. Apologies in advance.

But I come to you bringing gifts! We’ve got tickets to give away for an advance screening of the new Frank Oz film Death At A Funeral.

A runaway hit at the Aspen Comedy Film Festival, and winner of the festival’s coveted Cinemax Audience Award, DEATH AT A FUNERAL pushes the British comedy into edgy modern territory transforming the taboo into the side-splittingly screwball. It stars Alan Tudyk, Matthew Macfadyen, Peter Dinklage, and Peter Vaughan.

This is Frank Oz’s full return to black, black humor, folks… cringe humor at its finest. Would you expect anything less from a comedy set at a funeral? It’s also a huge crowd-pleaser and one of the most fun experiences you’ll have with a group of people that doesn’t involve an awkward morning conversation and embarrassing trips to the doctor.

Seriously, this is a guaranteed good time, and it’s a movie I’ve been recommending to everyone I know. This is a sleeper hit here and we’re giving you a chance to see it before everyone else.

So, are you free next Tuesday?

50 winners will receive a ticket for two for a promotional screening on Tuesday, August 14th at 7PM at a Manhattan theatre.

To win, send an email to me with your full name and eulogy. Nothing fancy, don’t tell me your whole life story (you’re probably not that interesting), just keep it short and funny.

Get your emails in soon! By coming to this you show that there is interest in free screenings for the NYC area, which means more will be available to you in the future!

Send your entry to me at

Watch the trailer at

DEATH AT A FUNERAL is rated R and opens in New York City on Friday, August 17th.