other day I got this email:

A couple weeks ago it appeared silly and glaring that the chud dot com website is to the upcoming movie Superbad, what Fox is to the GOP. Couple weeks later these aspects have amplified.

I don’t know what to say to that except that we really, really like this movie and we think our readers will also really, really like it as well. If the worst thing we at CHUD ever do to you is talk about a movie that we believe in too much, I think that’s not so terrible.

So with that in mind I want to talk to you again about Once, a film that at the moment remains at my #1 spot for the year. For a little movie it’s been doing amazingly well; Once cost $150,000 and has earned $6.5 million, but that still means not enough people have seen this movie.

Thankfully, Fox Searchlight believes in the film and they’re continuing to push it. Their latest tactic is to get celebrities to say nice things about the film, like Steven Spielberg: "A little movie called Once gave me enough inspiration to last the rest of the year.” I’ve heard similar things from friends and Chewers who have gone to see the movie – in fact, I haven’t heard a single dissenting opinion yet.

Once is only playing on 140 screens right now, but if you’re anywhere near one of those screens, I have to urge you to experience a very special movie.  It’s a film that makes you feel, and it makes you feel good. Bring a lady friend and I bet your evening goes well. Supporting this film doesn’t just mean that more people will have a chance to see it in a theater, it also helps increase the movie’s odds come Oscar time; the sad truth is that monetary success is a big part of whether Oscar nominations come, and this film deserves a handful of trophies for its original songs.

So find the closest theater playing Once and make a night of it. I bet you’ll thank me.