Earlier today it was confirmed that Comedy Central mainstay Stephen Colbert will be cameoing in one of the latter two Hobbit films. Now, in addition to that bit of news, comes our first look at Bolg, one of The Hobbit‘s main bad guys. For those unfamiliar, Bolg is a chieftan of the Orcs that reside in the Misty Mountains. You may remember the Misty Mountains from The Fellowship of The Ring, where our heroes (Gandalf the Grey in particular) fell prey to a Balrog. Anyways, this guy once lived there, too:

Bolg is played in the films by a guy with the name Conan Stevens – so it’s pretty clear that Peter Jackson wasn’t fucking around when he cast this role. Though I can’t shake the feeling that Bolg looks like a cross between Rawhead Rex and Super Shredder. If this strikes you as a bad thing: get the fuck out.

Source: TheOneRing via Coming Soon