Resident Evil Extinction
It’s just about time for another Resident Evil movie! I probably shouldn’t tell you how happy that makes me. Sony’s shambling, brain-hungry franchise heads into the high desert in just a couple weeks with Resident Evil: Extinction, which title doesn’t exactly fill me with hope. To help get you excited, Sony has created a little Flash diversion, which has occupied me for about an hour so far. You can check it out right here, and read the studio copy just below:

The world as we know it, no longer exists. The Earth now belongs to the Undead. The key to survival in this new world is to keep moving…

A small resistance survives by scavenging abandoned towns for whatever fuel is still left. With all of the surrounding cities sucked dry of fuel, your only chance of reaching Alaska (and finding other survivors) is to scour Las Vegas for any remaining fuel.

Choose your convoy vehicles and make your way through Las Vegas in search of survivors and fuel. In each level you will be given a mission that describes where you must drive your convoy. Once you’ve reached the mission point, use the weapons you’ve collected to defend your convoy against blood thirsty zombies.