This guy is going to rock Tony Stark’s world.

From blowing up all his shit, to apparently stealing his girl, to other stuff that I assume happens but don’t know about yet, The Mandarin may well be the first truly formidable opponent the man of iron has yet had to face (fuck a business guy in a suit, a different business guy in a suit, a crazy guy with whips, a demi god that gave himself up, and some faceless blob lizards). Apparently Mr. Ben Kingsley gets to deliver the deliciously evil line, “Some people call me a terrorist, I consider myself a teacher.”

I look forward to hearing it tomorrow in the Iron Man 3 trailer we’ve been elaborately set-up to get.

Along with this first look at the villain though (from EW obviously), USA Today also has a great big batch of pics, and the pretty stellar teaser poster to the right (click to big). Check ‘em out.

via /Film