This isn’t concrete fact, but it’s also not tough to put two and two together on this one, so if you are interested in who was recently seen in Sydney (where James Mangold’s The Wolverine is filming), look no further than the spoiler text below.

It’s Famke Janssen, bitches.

Yep, that’s right, the Phoenix herself will be raised from her unfortunate place in the Ratner graveyard with a small turn in this franchise prequel. That’s an interesting choice, considering it is just another sign that Fox hasn’t entirely abandoned the Singer franchise in light of the First Class reboot.

I have to admit that Wolverine’s First Class cameo was one of my favorite “oh shit! that’s awesome!” moments of last year, and I was quite pleased for it to be timed so well in the film, and that it was a complete surprise. This isn’t that, but I still hope it will be a nice little return to the mutant world for Janssen.


Source | We Got This Covered (via Latino Review)