Black Dynamite took everyone by surprise when it was unleashed upon the world in 2009.  In the three years since, it has spawned a comic miniseries and an animated series on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.  But what of the live action follow-up that has been mentioned off and one for the past few years?  Well, it’s heading towards the pre-production line, but it’s not what you think.

The Black Dynamite sequel is not going to be Black Dynamite 2.  The way it looks right now, if you want to see the continuing adventures of Black Dynamite, Bullhorn, Cream Corn, & Co…well, you’ve got the animated series.  It seems the creative powers that be have been funneling their sequel ideas into the show, which they are all active participants in.  The 12-episode first season ended in September and the show is expected to be renewed for a second run.

So what ARE we actually getting as a follow-up?  A Blaxpoitation western utilizing the same cast, Monty Python-style.  According to Michael Jai White, we should expect a mix between Blazing Saddles and Buck and the Preacher.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that White’s role will probably be the Boss Nigger-style straight man, as opposed to Cleavon Little-ing up the joint like the interviewer suggests.  Hopefully they can get Fred Williamson and Jim Brown in here somewhere and maybe rescue Yaphet Kotto from further Larry the Cable Guy escapades as well.  No man, especially Kotto, deserves such a fate.

White was originally hoping that they’d get everything in line to shoot this fall, but it seems early 2013 is far likelier now.  Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea.  Black Dynamite is perfect as is and I’m not sure if a straight sequel would work very well.  Letting it continue in animated form really is the best route and going for an anthology feel for this “series” of films seems more rewarding both for those involved and the audience.  Also, given the impending release of Django Unchained and White’s success with Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? films and their TV spin-off, For Better Or Worse, a blaxploitation western comedy might actually have a shot at getting a wide release.

Assuming things go off without a hitch and everything is in place for a third film at some point, what other genres would you like to see this creative team tackle?  Sci-Fi?  Fantasy?  War?  Personally, I’m hoping for a Blacula-esque horror comedy.  Well, that and a Heroes For Hire flick from Marvel starring Michael Jai White & Scott Adkins as Luke Cage & Iron First, respectively.

Source | Crave Online