Hey, everybody, remember when we were all supposed to be playing Bioshock Infinite around now? 2K Games apparently does too, so they decided to be bastards and remind us all of that fact with a new trailer. Nothing fancy, just some more awesome looking footage, a bit of narration, and the continued squeeing of the masses as a result.

It also does the public service of introducing mine and probably a lot of other peoples’ ears to LA’s own Nico Vega, and their song Beast, which casts this kind of hyperreal Gangs of New York vibe on this whole thing. Doubtful that’s the tone the story’s taking, given what we’ve seen, but fuck if that track’s not an inspired choice. But then, that’s just how 2K rolls.

….and now I just reminded myself that Prey 2‘s in limbo. Now I’m just depressed.

Thankfully, lest a tragedy occur, Bioshock Infinite‘s still slated to drop February 26th.