Paranormal Activity 4 scared up $30 million dollars this weekend. It wasn’t as high as the last installment ($50 million opening weekend), but it’s budget being $5 million pretty much guaranteed that it would be getting a sequel. There has also been talk of a spinoff that’s been making the rounds at the horror sites. Apparently, Paramount is interested (and has already given the greenlight) in making a “Latino” (I prefer Hispanic myself) themed Paranormal Activity film that will feature the same entity that plagues the rich white folks of the Paranormal Activity films. It will feature a cast primarily of Hispanic actors and be partly in Spanish. Perhaps they’ll link the franchises with the maid from the second one?

I haven’t seen the 4th film yet myself, but I’ve read that at the end of the credits, there is a scene that is partially in Spanish that is of “CCV” footage at a convenience store and features a man and an old woman.

Paramount’s reasoning is that the Paranormal Activity films are big business in Spanish speaking countries, so they want to give this a try. I’m not a big fan of this franchise at all. In fact, I really only like the first one. That one felt fresh, and different. Despite having 2 douchebags as the leads (same thing happened in the second one with the douchebag Dad. Boy, these girls sure know how to pick them don’t they?) The other 2 are boring for the majority of their run time, with only the ending being worth anything, and in this writer’s opinion, that’s too little too late, but this Hispanic themed offshoot interests me, and not just because I’m of Mexican heritage. We don’t get enough Hispanic themed horror.

This is a market that is not explored enough, and there’s plenty to be mined from. El Chupacabra, La Llorna, Brujos, Brujas, and El Cucuy. So much more than just the 5 that I listed that can be used. Take the time and Google or Wikipedia these things if you don’t know what they are, and then just imagine how they can be used.

This spinoff film is already gearing up for a start date, and is being readied for this coming spring. It’s being directed by Christopher Landon. He who co-wrote Disturbia, and spawn of Michael Landon.

So now we’ve got a spinoff, as well as the obvious next entry in the Paranormal Activity franchise.

Source: Cinema Blend