FYI, I’m a big enough sap to look at this poster and get all teary over the invocation of a completely different movie. And while I doubt it was anyone’s intention to get me wondering when Paramount Home Entertainment is going to cough up a Searching for Bobby Fischer SE, that’s primarily what the above art accomplished. So good for Steve Zaillian?

I don’t have a whole lotta nice stuff to say about the work of Marc Forster to date, but he’s a talented enough filmmaker to make an deeply affecting film out of an deeply affecting screenplay – and that’s what 25th Hour‘s David Benioff gave him. Based on the bestseller by Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner is currently scheduled for release on November 2nd and should be a year-end awards contender (even though the heavyweight prognosticators seem awfully leery of its chances). Here’s hoping the Benioff overwhelms the Forster on this one.