What an instantly annoying marketing technique this has become, the trailer for a trailer. Makes me wish I could loop back to 2010 or so and point a blunderbuss at whoever first had the idea, suggesting they move on to their other idea to have all TV spots played off by keyboard cat or whatever…

In any event, the “sneak preview” promised by the Iron Man 3 Facebook page last week (which I wrote about in our coverage of the hilarious synopsis for the film) is here with conveniently perfect timing, and it points to a YouTube promo for Apple’s exclusive trailer landing on Tuesday (that we knew about, of course).

You get the tiniest bit action and the hints that things aren’t great for Tony, and they’re even worse for Pepper, and a date, and that’s it. Enjoy!

So I’ve dutifully fed into this cycle once again and brought you this commercial for a commercial  and put my foot one step deeper into the publicity Ouroboros we’ve all created together. The Old Gods we unlocked were not Cthulhu or Yog-Sothoth nor do they bring madness… they were ad executives, and they come with ever-more-fragmented marketing….