Treat this rumor as nothing more than wishful thinking. If our favorite directors said yes to everything offered them we’d be inundated with all sorts of great flicks. Guillermo del Toro’s Creature from the Black Lagoon, James Cameron’s Spider-Man, Kevin Smith’s The Green Hornet, and Harmony Korine’s MEG are but a few…

IESB, fresh off the debauchery and controversy of Comic Con [is it cruel to say I don’t miss the convention having skipped two straight years?] has what they say is a confirmation that Sam Raimi has been offered a crack at the remake of the seminal 80’s fantasy mini-classic Clash of the Titans [which we are conveniently paying respects to these next two weeks].

The project is a Warner Bros. & Legendary Pictures joint and while I doubt it’ll come to fruition I’d take anything that lured Sam away from his Marvel franchise. He has nothing to prove at all and very little turf left to explore in the world of Spider-Man (and I enjoyed part three just fine), so seeing him guide the hemp toga of Perseus around Tunisia or a greenscreen would be a blast.

I mean, Gerard Butler would be a kicking Perseus! Oh, sorry… I thought I was a seventeen year old kid leafing through the Fanboy Casting 101 blue sheets.

It’s interesting fodder for discussion though. The original film is a blast, but definitely a film out of time, too retro to function wholly in a post-Lucas landscape and too limited by resources to work straight-faced in the wake of Peter Jackson and his merry Weta men. Clash of the Titans only works as a BIG movie. Not super stylized like 300. Not oddly conceived like Beowulf. It needs to be huge and Raimi has proven he has an affinity for material like Titans. In fact, on paper he seems more suited for it than the Web-Slinger.

Until there’s fire, just enjoy the smoke. It’s a fun idea.

That said, Peter Dinklage IS Bubo.