A joke about the film’s title
Weekended Gross
Per Screen
The Bourne Ultimatum
The Simpsons Movie
$25,600,000 (-65.4%)

$3,985 $12,009,000
I Now Pronounce You Bruce and Bruce
$10,528,000 (-45.0%)
$9,325,000 (-41.4%)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
$9,285,000 (-47.6%)
No Reservations
$6,570,000 (-43.9%)
$5,950,000 (-48.9%)
Hot Rod

After two great films, and near universal praise for the third entry, The Bourne Ultimatum not
only delivered, but opened bigger than every estimate online (include
your humble author), and both previous entries. Though the film had a
much higher production budget than the other two, it looks to be a big
hit, and should close out around the $200 mark, if not a bit more.

As for the rest of the new releases, Underdog was the semi-winner, though a domestic total of $40 is likely (hopefully it was cheap), while Hot Rod and Bratz did
not attract large audiences. The per screen on Hot Rod is also
painfully anemic. How painfully anemic, you ask? On a per screen basis
it was outperformed by every film in the top ten and by the eleventh
place Ratatouille.
Paramount did a horrible job selling the film as more than someone
falling over and running into things, and should have focused on Danny
McBride, or something.

The Simpsons Movie is
surely profitable at this point, even if there was a lot of profit
participation and up front paydays, but it was also something of a
flash in the pan. That 65% drop suggests that $200 is now out of the
picture, and somewhere around $170-$180 Million is more likely.

Buttfuck Chuck dropped less than I expected, holding stronger with a little over $10 Million and should close out around $120-$130, while Hairspray looks to jump on it and over the nine digit mark. Harry Potter is still playing but $300 Million is way out of the question. But it isn’t for Transformers, which should get to that juncture sometime next weekendish. And No Reservations should
get to a little over $30 Million. Is that profitable? Survey says,
television sales should make it profitable. It’s a film born (or should
I say Bourne) to play endlessly on The Oxygen Network.