UPDATED! Scroll down below the first poster for the new goods.

Alright, this is a lot better. After the filigree and font-heavy design of the first one-sheet, I’m psyched for the old-school simplicity of this new design. It’s stark and simple, like some of the ’60s and ’70s western posters I used to have on the walls. (Damn you, small house! Thank you, storage space!)

My only complaint is that Crowe (at least I think that’s Crowe — actually, reader Jeffrey checked the trailer and suggests that it’s Ben Foster) looks more like the Robert Zemeckis performance capture version of himself than the image of a real gunslinger. My point being not so much that it didn’t look like Crowe and more that he doesn’t look…human.

But I’ll take it…anyone for Yuma Poster 3.0 now?

UPDATE: So what was that I said about Yuma poster 3.0? Today Cinematical posted the image below, which obviously keeps the lettering of the image above, but flees for the safe, if not higher ground of Big Heads. As a big head poster goes it’s far from the worst, but I might just give up on the marketing images for this movie now.