It comes among a much larger dissection at the schedule-Tetris Paramount has been playing the last few weeks, but certainly the nugget most people will most care about from a whole heap of info is that Ghostbusters III is formally scheduled to shoot next summer (the exact date of cameras rolling is not in stone yet). Not only that, but it’s a strong enough commitment between the studio and director Ivan Reitman that they’ve put another one of his projects into turnaround because he won’t be able to complete it before his Ghostbusting window closes.

Draft Day is the newly let-go project that Reitman has been developing, and it was set to (and still might one day) star Kevin Costner in a story about the Buffalo Bills and a Moneyball-esque story about the team on draft day. It isn’t a total sabermetrics-style drama about mathematics and the sport, but rather a fictional story about a single day and what goes down during their draft picks. Regardless, with Reitman getting close to Ghostbusters 3¬†development¬†and Costner tied up by playing Nick Fury to a bunch of spy movies, it’s just not going to happen this year.

It’s entirely possible the Draft Day project will go through as planned after Ghostbusters 3, and thus after Man Of Steel, Three Days To Kill, Jack Ryan, and whatever else raises the guy’s profile. Still, Costner doesn’t need your damn profile, and there’s not many people that anchor a sports movie like the guy.

I couldn’t give less of a fuck about a Ghostbusters sequel one way or another, but all things being equal I’d much rather see the single-day sports drama from Reitman. So one more good reason to call this Bill Murray-less mess a bad idea.


Source | Deadline