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MSRP $24.99
STUDIO Anchor Bay
• Audio Commentary with Director Dylan Brown, Executive Producer/Actor Snoop Dogg, and Actor Wiz Khalifa.

The Pitch

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa get their higher education on.

The Humans

Snoop Dogg (Actor), Wiz Khalifa (Actor), Dylan C. Brown (Director)
The Nutshell

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa try and make a comedy. Predictably, it goes horribly wrong, but at least everyone  making it was high.

The Lowdown

Some of the best comedies have been stoner movies. From Cheech and Chong , to Half-Baked , to Harold and Kumar , these movies are hysterical whether you smoked weed or not. However, Mac and Devin Go to High School is not one of these movies. It starts off with a CGI Blunt addressing the audience and saying that before watching, everyone should smoke. The rest of the movie only goes downhill from there.


Yup, that’s a CGI Blunt explaining the different ways to smoke weed.

Before I started watching, I did not have high hopes but I thought there might be a few funny moments and this was mainly due to Snoop Dogg. I had found him funny when he was in Starsky and Hutch and hoped he could repeat that in this movie. Unfortunately he does not come close. Not only can I not remember any jokes that I did not find funny, I can barely remember any jokes at all. The movie is more concerned with showing people smoking weed rather than making anyone laugh.

The only positive of this movie is how short it is. It only has a runtime of 76 minutes, but the main feature is less than an hour. There are two lengthy musical sequences that take up close to ten minutes and then the CGI Blunt pops up a few times to deliver weed smoking tips. These are the best parts of the movie, especially the second musical sequence which uses the lead single from the movie’s soundtrack, “Young, Wild, and Free.”

In the hour of actual runtime, there is little semblance of a plot. Basically, Wiz Khalifa plays a high school valedictorian who has never had any real high school experiences while Snoop Dogg is a 17-time senior who is the most popular guy in school. However, the movie quickly abandons this plot to show scenes of the pair smoking and getting into other sorts of trouble. This is not necessarily a bad thing as many of the plots of the funniest stoner movies are just basic excuses to connect funny scenarios. The problem here is that the scenes in this movie are just not funny.


New personal philosophy: Never watch movies with Andy Milonakis

Having to watch this movie is an absolutely brutal experience, but luckily not because of the audio and video. The music is easily the best part of the movie. “Young, Wild, and Free” was played on the radio so often because it is a great song and the musical sequence it is played during both looks and sounds great. It is really too bad that the actual movie could not be at least competent to go with the great presentation.

Love them or hate them, you have to credit their dedication to making bongs out of weird stuff.

As I have said throughout the review, Mac and Devin Go To High School is a  terrible movie. It is not funny and does not have a plot. There are many great stoner movies out there, but this one does not belong amongt them.

The Package

The only special feature is a commentary with the director and the two stars. If you have not had enough of Wiz and Snoop talking about weed after you watched the main movie, then listen to this. If you have, then skip the commentary.


Out of a Possible 5 Stars

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