The latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre film is still a few months away from being released, and there still isn’t a lot of information on it out there. What we know is this.

1. The movie is a direct sequel to the original film, and will ignore the rest, so sorry, no Chop-Top, Tex, or Vilmer. Sadly.

2. It’s going to use actual footage from the original film that is being post-converted into 3D.

3. They’re getting some of the actors from the original, Gunnar Hansen, Marilyn Burns, and John Dugan, along with an actor from the first sequel. Bill Moseley.

4. The film itself will mostly take place in the present and that a relative of the Sawyers’ inherits a house that also is home to Leatherface, or someone who looks like him, because let’s face it, 38 years later, and even though we don’t know his age in the first film, it’s safe to think he was about 30 or 35 then, and he’d probably be really old now, so it might be someone else who has taken on the mantle of “Leatherface”. However, in an age where we have Sly Stallone still in tip top shape and being 66, I hope I’m wrong, and that it’s the same one from the original film. Even if he obviously wasn’t the pinnacle of diet and exercise. He sure can run though!

Now further details are emerging on the film. First, we all know from seeing the trailer that the original Sawyer house isn’t what the lead character inherits. Since that one looks like a mansion, and much closer to the one from the 2003 remake.

Well, according to the latest news, the original house DOES make an appearance. Albeit in the beginning of the film. Apparently the opening sequence takes place 3 hours after Sally Hardesty makes her way out of the demented brothers’ house, and it gets burned down by the townspeople.

Here’s a couple of stills (click on both to make them large!) by way of the folks over at Dread Central of Bill Moseley as Drayton Sawyer, “The Cook” and the eldest brother. Played in the first 2 films by the late Jim Siedow.

Here’s a larger photo of the house, and man, they recreated it EXACTLY as it looked in the original film. Recreated, as the actual original house is now a restaurant.

According to Bill Moseley himself, he was happy to play the role that Jim Siedow originated, and decided to emulate him by talking like he did, and they even gave him some KNB created dentures, as well as a “paunch” to show that he’s older an out of shape. I’ve got to say, those stills look amazing. Even though they’re not close ups, you can see that Moseley looks exactly like “The Cook” from the original. Clothes and all.

According to Gunnar Hansen, they took him into the house to check it out, and he said that aside from the chicken cage being out of place, it looks like it did in the original. Can’t wait to see that.

Gunnar is also reportedly playing “The Boss Hog” Sawyer, John Dugan is once again playing “Grandpa” probably not needing as much make up as he did in the original, and Marilyn Burns herself will be playing “Grandma Verna”. The film continues to get more interesting as it goes along.

Check out the source link for a full on set visit report and many more interesting details. I was already going to see it, being a fan of the franchise, but the fact they’re making this a direct sequel and getting some of the actors from the original film (and its first sequel), makes me think that this isn’t just some cheap cash in.

Source: Dread Central