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# 71 – Time Bandits

Gary could cope with his dwarfism just fine but his terminal case of columnscalp always seemed to ruin his afternoons.

Time Bandits:

It’s a classic, CLASSIC film. One I watched about 30 times in the theater because our family had a share in a T-Shirts Plus in the early 80’s and I was at the mall every day. Time Bandits never got old. Ever. The death in focus is a death, but one with an asterisk because it’s reversed. Then again, so are a lot of deaths in movies (Final Destination, the dog in Michael) so I’m keeping it. Why? Midget death. When Kenny Baker gets flattened by a column, it’s a victory for the Galactic Empire and a laugh for us regular folk too. Something about little people getting flattened never gets old and the demise* of Fidget in this flick is proof. (N.N.)

* Reversed by the power of good


TOMORROW: #70 (Hint: Feeling Chipper?)