News was talking to Rose Byrne (why? Dunno, maybe just because she’s hot and they’re always looking for an excuse) and asked her about James Bond 22. It seems Byrne was rumored to be Bond’s babe back in Casino Royale, so I guess MTV wanted to see if those rumors were true this time (sometimes rumors are like Nostradamus, you know. I’m not joking… I guess the actual explanation is that the rumors fuel ‘ideas’ in execs), and they asked her about it. Her answer: nope. But… “I think Abbie Cornish’s got it.”

Now, unless Byrne became Cornish’s agent since I last checked, this is possibly Oh Don Proxy Piano. Still, Cornish isn’t a bad choice for a New Generation Bond girl – she’s not a bimbo, and she’s not so famous as to overshadow the rest of the film. In fact, Cornish has really been unable to properly break through to a bigger kind of fame, despite being very beautiful and a fine actress.

There’s still plenty of time for more Bond 22 rumors to surface, so expect lots more Don Piano-ing in the weeks ahead.