Look, I’m going to be honest here.  I still have an overwhelming fondness for the first few Ernest P. Worrell escapades that Jim Varney did.  While I never stuck with the franchise once it started going DTV, I do pop some of them in the player from time to time.  Nostalgic fondness aside, does the world really need this saga to be reborn?  Especially considering that the incomparable Mr. Varney is no longer with us?  Someone sure seems to think so.

Ruckusfilm is in the process of rebooting this particular series with a sequel: Son of Ernest.  Perusing the Wikipedia article on the character, one can only assume the titular spawn is Ernie P. Worrell, who was apparently mentioned but never shown.  The screenplay is being written as you read this and casting is in the early stages.  This particular franchise is already comprised of nine films and a television series, so I guess one more won’t hurt.  Besides, maybe we can con Joshua into giving it a worrell on Franchise Me on down the line?*

Source | Variety

* – No, I’m not sorry for that.