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# 72 – Jaws 3

While not as effective as his Great White counterparts, Kevin the Galapagos Hemophiliac Shark was excellent to have around when the conversation went from eating humans and riding around with your fin above the surf to pure, spirit cleansing BLEEDING.

Jaws 3:

Yes, the film is creeping balls and no film which features Bess Armstrong and Simon Macorkindale deserves the ink, but I was amazed how fun and bloody the loss that the film’s villain takes was. Before the effect goes from fun to awful (the jaws of the fish flying towards the camera?), there’s a nice crimson explosion as more blood than most schools of sharks contain erupts out of Jaws 3’s mouth and towards the audience. The same audience that is secretly wondering why they chose to watch this film. The same audience kicking themselves for liking Louis Gossett Jr. in An Officer and a Gentleman. The same audience who’s wondering if the babysitter is at home filling their kids with gems, Song of Kali-like. (N.N.)


TOMORROW: #71 (Hint: A Little Death.)