you just have to sit up and say, ‘Yay, internet.’ You can be forgiven for thinking that the net has devolved into nothing more than flame wars, kiddie porn and inane cat memes perpetrated by retards… but every now and again a new website pops up that makes you remember the magic of this interconnected series of tubes and wires.

One of those sites comes from Joe Dante and friends: Trailers From Hell. It’s an awesome place, where you can find vintage movie trailers… with or without commentary by your favorite filmmakers! Want to know what John Landis thinks of The Fall of the Roman Empire? Trailers From Hell is here for you. Curious as to Edgar Wright’s take on Danger Diabolik? Guess where you’ll find him commenting on the trailer? Do I even have to tell you where Joe Dante is commenting on The Fiendish Ghouls?

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you’ll find Trailers From Hell updated with new goodness; this site should quickly become one of your main bookmarks. Click here to visit Trailers From Hell, and have a helluva good time.