While I’m transcribing the Iron Man interviews, I thought there was a small tidbit worth passing along quickly. In several statements, Terrence Howard was discussed as the lead for a possible War Machine spin-off (no surprise), and the actor himself demonstrated a real enthusiasm for the material, and an obvious interest in headlining such a flick.

That led to the obvious question: does he wear a suit in the film? There’s a shot in the Comic Con trailer that could easily be of an antagonistic or alternate suit, and Jim Rhodes, Howard’s character, is the quick pick for the human morsel inside.

Here’s what Howard said: "Contractually I can’t answer that question. But I’d say if you were hinting at it…my nod doesn’t mean I’m saying yes."

In other words, he did everything but openly admit that Rhodes wears a suit in the film. Let that suggest what it will to you about the film’s overall plot and antagonist setup. I’m more psyched for the flick with every bit of news.