Da, Film
Da, Total
Da, Per Screen
Da, Total
The Simpsons Movie $71,850,000 $18,319 $71,850,000
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry $19,063,000 (-44.3%) $5,445 $71,610,000
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix $17,065,000 (-47.5%) $4,260 $241,771,000
Hairspray $15,550,000 (-43.4%) $4,982 $59,307,000
No Reservations $11,755,000 $4,847 $11,755,000
Transformers $11,524,000 (-43.8%) $3,441 $284,558,000
Ratatouille $7,234,000 (-33.6%) $2,465 $179,683,000
Live Free or Die Hard $5,350,000 (-24.7%) $2,355 $125,128,000
I Know Who Killed Me $3,400,000 $2,575 $3,400,000
Who’s Your Caddy? $2,900,000 $2,845 $2,900,000

Well, that Simpsons Movie. Well. Yeah. I guess seeing it at home for free wasn’t good enough, and some people wanted the full theater experience. Good marketing, branding, whatever, Groening and Company’s work was enough to generate a huge opening weekend. If word of mouth is good, then $170 to $200 is within the ballpark.

Chuck, Harry and Hairy held well. Potter should top out near $300, but probably not cross it, while Chuck is a guaranteed hundred, and Hairspray should get close if not just over. No Reservations did a little better than expected, but at best it’s doing slightly less than License to Wed business. With DVDs and a lifetime on the Lifetime network it should make out okay. 

Transformers and Ratatouille are also holding well for what they are. Paramount will probably quit with a $300 plus bow, probably around $310, and rake in the dough with ancillaries while the Rat should get over $200, and also clean house as a stocking stuffer. Live Free is going to be out of the top ten next week, but I’ve got to give it credit for doing slightly better than expected, though the top out is around $135 to $140.

I know Who Killed Me and Who’s Your Caddy died honorable deaths. Their sacrifices will not be in vain, hopefully.

Next week brings Bourne. Yay!