was just writing about how little new news is coming out of Comic Con this year when an honest to God bombshell got dropped – Disney has announced that they will make every single one of the seven Narnia novels into films, and they’ll be released once a year.

That’s actually pretty surprising, since the company is making a major commitment to a series that’s actually still untested – the first film did very well, but how will Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader do? Has fantasy film fever started to cool down?

Someone at Disney has the numbers to show why this is a good decision from a business standpoint. I’d like to see what they’re thinking – is it that the Harry Potter series has shown remarkable longevity? Is the decision motivated by a windfall in ancillary and home video profits? Will they be skimping on the films as they go along, or will each remain a first class, big budget production? I’m really interested in finding out.