in Atlanta, want to see The Ten early? It’s a series of interconnected stories loosely based on the Ten Commandments from the man who brought you Wet Hot American Summer.

Loot at the cast on that poster on the right. I think you’re interested and if you aren’t you might want to poke yourself in the face with a sharp item.

These kind of films tend to be at the very least interesting and I’d watch folks like Liev Schreiber, Paul Rudd, and Famke Janssen defecate on photographs of me is such a project were to surface. They’re only enhanced by the involvment of filmmaker David Wain, who some folks would argue is one of the brightest talents working in comedy today.

If you want to see this flick early, send me your name via email and your name might just make on our guest list for the screening to be held at the Midtown Art on August 15th.