I didn’t catch last night’s premier of The CW’s Green Arrow adaptation Arrow. Judging from the numbers however, it would seem a lot of you did. The network’s already taken the message to the people in the form of a press release touting 4.02 million viewers; making it the most-watched show on the channel since The Vampire Diaries in September of ’09.

Luckily, I’ve got the chance to catch up as the pilot’s now online in full. I wonder if the show’s success will be a help or a hindrance to that Oliver Queen-starring Supermax script that’s been floating around Warner Brothers for years. In the comics, Queen’s politics slant a little further than left. It should be interesting to see if that worldview bleeds into the show. Arrow can be seen regularly Wednesday nights at 8PM ET/PT, and I probably have some catching up to do:

Click here to check out CW’s Arrow pilot.

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