was disappointing to sit through the entire Warner Brothers panel this
morning to find not a smidgen of Dark Knight material after all. It was
more frustrating to realize that the oddball Joker-oriented viral
marketing campaign was continuing right outside the door.

Short form, between the links to a site called that
were disseminated yesterday, fake dollar bills found in San Diego and
the skywritten number that was painted in the sky as the panel got
underway, a ‘real’ version of the leaked teaser trailer was released at
the Con after all.

I’m writing this from the Blade Runner panel, so it’s going to stay
brief, but a couple of clicks over at will reveal
the trailer, and more info on the Joker is being released throughout
the day as people solve riddles in the viral marketing campaign. Feel
free to send me any clues you uncover while I’m transcribing interviews
this evening.