I’m as excited as anyone for November to get its ass here and provide me with some Lincoln, which after its great trailer and extended TV spot has started screening to strong (if not overwhelming) buzz. Nothing I write or say is going to make that happen any faster, but our collective taste for cinema of Presidential angst and decision making can at least be temporarily sated by seeing the director and his leading man discuss the film during an extended Q&A.

The event took place yesterday as sort of an AMC promotion, with EW’s Mark Harris leading a student/teacher Q&A in New York that was also live-streamed on Yahoo. Fortunately it’s been loaded up in its entirety to the mighty cloud, and you can catch up with it now.

I meant to just post and move on, but already from Spielberg’s first answer about when he first optioned the book and started moving along with the project, I’m hooked.

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