can’t let Jeremy be the only sweaty liveblogger here at the Con this
year. So while there’s little chance that Warner’s is going to surprise
us with any info today, I’m typing live from Hall H. There’s a pretty
pathetic Batman and Robin sitting nearby, but if I can get the number
of the Zatanna that’s with them, the wait to get in might have been
worthwhile. I think she’s at least fifteen. Hard to tell with the top
hat and glitter.

10:39: The Con’s director of programming is
introduced. Again. He asks us to not record and to ask respectful
questions. They do have a killswitch, he says, for questions. Guess I’ll
leave now. What’s the point of letting the unwashed masses get near
stars if you force them to take a shower first?

10:42: Get Smart. Not exactly a ‘first look’. Hathaway looks hot but, well, you know. I feel like I’ve seen Carell play this before.

10:46 Peter Segal, Nate Torrence, Masi Oka, Ken Davitian, and some guy named The Rock.

10:48 At least Steve Carell gets more applause than Heroes. What, no Terry Crews?

Segal says they’re standing in the shadow of the show. Or maybe they’ve
just had the sun blocked out by Terry Crews’ genitals. Carell is good
natured to a dumb question. The Rock makes a dick joke. Audience thinks
about The Rock’s dick, laughs.

10:54 It took four minutes for Carell to tell a fan to get to the point while asking a question.

10:58 Cute girl asks The Rock how much he can bench. He asks how much she weighs. Masi Oka quietly masturbates under the table.

Nicole Kidman recorded statement from Australia. She emphasizes that
it’s a long way away. No one bothers to mention that she’s promoting The Invasion. She finally mentions the title.

11:05 One Missed Call
remake. Shot down the street from my house. I have a massive anti-Ed
Burns bias, but Shannyn Sossamon makes up for it. Trailer is images,
screams and music. Looks pretty. Maybe better than the original, which
is really not very good. Burns and Sossamon trot out. Few people have
any questions for them.

11:09 Now that I’m looking up instead of
at my screen, Sossamon looks really uncomfortable. She’s describing one
of her female co-stars as very sexy, soft and sweet. Margaret Cho, I

11:11 The guy that Carell told to hurry up comes back up, gets more
applause than One Missed Call. Asks Burns about a Confidence sequel. He
says no, citing the death of all his films at the box office. Then
Burns and Sossamon give iPhones to those who asked questions.
Seriously. Watch our movie. Please?

11:15 10,000 BC trailer. Sweet sabertooth tiger. Nice mammoth. Then the Whiteout
trailer. Silly voice over. Someone loses a finger in an instant freeze.
"This isn’t just a murder. This is the first murder in Antarctica."

11:18 Joel Silver. Greg Rucka. Dominic Sena. I don’t think they’re
going to give iPhones to anyone. Bottles of corrective fluid? If they’d
brought brought Tom Skerrit he could have given leathery hugs. I think
Dominic Sena just made a joke about dildos to a child who asked a

11:26 Love given to Gotham Central. Rucka says no return likely, but perhaps something similar in tone and style.

11:35 Kate Beckinsale arrives. A guy with a Vivid Video lanyard steps up and says she looks beautiful. Asks her if she’s been offered Catwoman. She says Oh Don Piano.

11:38 Joel Silver fields a question about ethnic diversity with diplomacy. Then Beckinsale says ‘I’m Asian.’ The dance floor clears.

11:47 Trick R Treat. I hadn’t watched that trailer yet. Looks great.

11:49 Watchmen. Zack Snyder. Rambles a lot before getting to the R rating. BUilding sets in Vanvouver. Building NYC backlot. Mentions having been scooped by the press on the cast. Addresses ‘young cast’ complaints: didn’t want to cast two actors for flashbacks, so is aging up and down as needed. Manhattan will be full CG version of Crudup. Performance capture complains in 3..2..

12:05 Snyer continues. Will age Jeffrey Dean Morgan up and down as Comedian. Stephen McHattie as Hollis.

12:07 Jackie Earl Haley. Walks out with a hat over his face. Malin Ackerman, greeted with vague confusion.

12:11 Snyder says they’re still talking about Tales From The Black Freighter. Expect more info on that later today when Devin talks to him…

12:16 Some guy in a decent Rorschach outfit steps up to ask a question. Does not ask question in character. Question leads to no new info about production design.

12:19 Snyder shows off a cool Watchmen movie poster drwan by Gave Gibbons. And the movie is dated: 03.06.09.

12:21 That’s it. Off to the Blade Runner roundtables.