It’s true. As a waiter for an Italian restaurant in Alpharetta, GA I was one of the architects of a yearly softball game with a local radio station. As softball is a passion I’ve played for the larger portion of my life I’m decent at it. Still play two nights a week.

In 1992 or 1993 we had a game against WSB, and one of the personalities they featured at the time was Sean Hannity. I didn’t know his deal (now we all do. Yuck) but I knew he was between me and the 2nd base bag. I went in hard.

Later one of my teammates told me “do you know you just nailed the shit out of Sean Hannity?”. I was clueless. In actuality I may have been the baserunner or he may have been. I played short. Either way, I got the better of him. That’d be a much cooler accomplishment if it happened today. Granted, he’s a multi-multi-multimillionaire and I had to dig through my change jar to pay for gas today…

So that dick’s in Atlas Shrugged II, a movie no one needs to watch. There’s your movie news.