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# 74 – Return of the Living Dead

After repeated efforts to build the Cosmic Cube fell through, the Red Skull took bit parts in films to support his Nazi regime like this appearance in the Roger Corman remake of Signs.

Return of the Living Dead:

Smacking the Tar Man sounds like slang for jerking off, but in this case it’s just an example of one of the many great scenes in a wonderful comedic zombie movie. In the film which is most definitely cognizant of its place in the genre, the film’s "hero zombie" awakens and delivers his famous "More brains!" comment only to have his smile knocked off his head by the world famous Clu Gulager. Decapitations are plentiful in our list, but’s just how matter-of-factly and FAST that this unfolds that makes it so fun. We love our Tar Man here at CHUD, which of course means we love jerking off. Oh, and yes I know this technically isn’t a killing… (N.N.)


TOMORROW: #73 (Hint: The Boy Who Could Float.)