So Johnny Depp’s doing pretty well for himself, isn’t he? The legacy grows as Depp has snapped up the rights to produce and star in a bi-screen adaptation of the beloved Dark Shadows series from yesteryear.

As best described, it’s a soap opera about vampires and monsters. Nowhere near as goofy as Buffy and nowhere near as useless as most vampire lit. It was a good show and totally reliant on Jonathan Frid’s work as Barnabas Collins (captured in action figure effigy to your right).

Remember when Depp was sick of the business and thinking about retiring? Thank your personal God for Jack Sparrow, because Depp is as close to a lock as there is even though he’s made some truly risible movies in his day and Dark Shadows could be that rare revival that’s worth its salt, though I was really hoping Les Wiseman and Scott Speedman could have snatched it up first.

Imagine how cool THAT would be.