Uh oh, Gwen, watch out. The redhead’s entering the picture…

Word from Variety is that not only does Sony want Mary Jane to appear in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, they already have a top actress choice in Shailene Woodley- the girl you were uncomfortable being attracted to in The Descendants. With Marc Webb having come back from dangling from a narrow thread to sign back on for the rushed sequel, the studio has their hands all kinds of shoved up this projects ass, so it’s likely this will go through.

There are also rumors that “one of the villains” will be Electro, while Harry Osborne will feature in the story as well, with that part casting soon. With another villain still to be determined it’s becoming clear that even if the Green Goblin doesn’t show up and rock Spidey’s world by tossing his girl off a bridge, the pieces are definitely being put into place to make that happen before trilogy’s end, wouldn’t you agree?

As for Electro… whatever, cool. We haven’t seen big-budget electricity powers too much, so that could be fun, I guess. I simply am not going to care until I have at least some indication that this sequel isn’t going to be as dumb or dumber than the reboot, which was one of the most grating theatrical experiences of the year for me.

So I’ll punt it to you guys- someone you’d rather see don the red locks that make Peter’s other spidey sense tingle? Were you hoping to hear of a different villain getting the spotlight?


Source | Variety