“Her breasts are rather large, it was a challenge not to show them.”

I’m loving the tongue-in-cheek approach to the Hitchcock mythos that Sacha Gervasi (Anvil!) has apparently taken with his new biopic. The ‘Cock was a cheeky old man, and it’s best not to lose all that in the drama and pervyness, I think. Granted, it looks like the HBO film¬†about the making of The Birds goes darker places, but I’m also much less put off by Hopkin’s lighter touch at¬†impersonation here.

Helen Mirren looks to be the real scene thief here, while the oddball cast that Gervasi has assembled seems to gel nicely. Any glimpse of Stuhlbarg and my ticket is sold anyway.

This glimpse at the making of Psycho hits theaters on November 23rd.

It’s best to check out the trailer in HD on Apple (it looks to be a beautifully sharp-looking film), or check out the embed below (which will be live any minute).