Here’s the thing- Rob Zombie fans don’t understand theatrical distribution models. I know this because I’ve watched Zombie explain on his blog, on twitter, and on Facebook to thousands of bummed fans why Lords Of Salem is done, there are reviews from a bunch of assholes that have seen it, it’s been picked up by a distributor, and yet they’ll all have to wait many many months to actually see it.

It’s kind of funny, but frankly, I’m pretty bummed too and I’m used to this system! It’s a shame to see such interesting buzz coming out of festivals, only for its festival appearances to stop short and the film disappear for a while. It’s the clunky part of this whole “make it first, sell it later” model of production.

In any event, to appease the fans, Zombie has unleashed a boat’s load of new stills from the film, which you can check out down below. You should also have watched the vaguely Kubrickian trailer that finally hit the web legitimately last week, and if you haven’t, do so. A whole lot of people are on the fence about ole Robert Wolfgang Zombie at this point, and I think this flick has many of them intrigued. Here’s hoping for an interestingly crazy horror flick for early 2013.

We’ll keep you up on a release date once it’s announced.

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