I still can’t shake the feeling that Lars von Trier’s upcoming Nymphomaniac sounds errily similar to Seinfeldian faux-movie Rochelle, Rochelle, a film cataloguing one woman’s erotic journey from Milan to Minsk. Impressively, von Trier’s assembled quite the list of mainstream names despite requiring some of his performers to go full-penetration. Now we can add Uma Thurman to a cast that includes the names Gainsbourg, LaBeouf, Skarsgard and Slater.

There’s still no word as to the nature of Thurman’s character, though it’s not hard to imagine. The film recounts a battered nympho’s (Charlotte Gainsbourg) erotic exploits from the age of eight on, sharing tales of debauchery as a man (Skarsgard) tends to her wounds. The plan is to release two cuts: one hardcore and the other softcore, for the Midwest or something. There’s also a rumor that theatres will be outfitted with emergency ejection seats in the event that the angle of LaBeouf’s dangle becomes unnaturally aggressive.

Source: THR