look, it’s a THUD update! Remember these?

I’m sitting at the Four Seasons Hotel, waiting for my one on one with Edgar Wright and Nick Frost for the Hot Fuzz DVD, and suddenly saw this bit of news: Jew Review is reporting that Harold Perrineau will be back for the next season of Lost.

Perrineau, you’ll recall, played Michael, the easily turned to evil dad who spent most of season two running through the jungle screaming ‘Waaaaaaaaalt!’ and ‘They got mah boy!’ (both of these have entered my almost daily lexicon, by the way. ‘Waaaaaaaaalt!’ is always applicable to any situation, especially while getting lap dances). At the end of the second season, Michael and his son, Waaaaaaalt, escaped the island after Michael murdered a couple of the less-popular castaways. He was supposed to show up in season three, but scheduling conflicts made it not happen. Then, at the season ending flash forward there was a mysterious funeral in a seemingly black neighborhood… was the corpse Michael?

We may get some answers, but don’t hold your breath. Still, it’ll be good to see Mike show up and maybe get a little heat from the Lostaways, especially Hurley, whose girlfriend was killed.