week, the four leads from the amazingly funny Superbad hit town to promote the film. Andrew Sweeney [whose work in getting this recorded and prepared is phenomenal] and myself met with them on the Superbad Tour Bus at the Warped Tour in Atlanta. Those leads are:

Jonah Hill, who plays Seth to vulgar perfection in the film. Definitely a role that will open people’s eyes in a big way. A truly special comedic performance.

Michael Cera, who plays Evan. A lot of people know him as George Michael from Arrested Development. He’s even funnier here.

Bill Hader, who you may know from SNL or a variety of other roles. Here he plays Officer Slater, and his interplay with Seth Rogen and the gentleman below is amazing stuff.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who arrives as Fogell. He’s a first-timer, but the Mclovin stuff is terrific and will be the first stuff that creates a revisionist backlash once jackoffs start quoting it at the water cooler.

Every weekday I’ll release a little video clip from our time spent with the gents. More their answers than our questions, since they’re better than us.

Superbad opens August 17th and you simply cannot miss it.

1: Behold as they realize they are on the Internet: