Though it seems like ages ago, Armie Hammer was once cast as Batman. Back in 2007 Aussie director George Miller was assembling his own Justice League of America project for Warner Brothers. Despite Nolan still in the swing of things with his Dark Knight films, the studio came dangerously close to making the damn thing happen – going so far as to build sets and fit actors into costumes. A few days before the film was to lens, WB killed the project – a victim of a looming writer’s strike and budgetary strife.

What hasn’t grown cold is the studio’s affinity towards Hammer in the role, as Moviehole reports that the actor is once again up for consideration for the role of Bruce Wayne in the latest proposed incarnation of Justice League.

I wouldn’t be surprised if WB wants Hammer’s name floated out there so they can gauge fan reaction. You won’t find any argument with me, as I think Hammer’s a better choice than he would have been back in 2007. It’s a lot easier to buy the 26-year old actor in the role than it would have been as a kid five years ago. Dude’s growing into something of a commodity; appearing in Disney’s troubled Lone Ranger film, not to mention having killed it as Clyde Tolson in Eastwood’s J. Edgar. The actor has the right look for Wayne and at 6’5″ there’s no doubt he’d cut an imposing figure under the cowl. If WB is adamant they need to introduce a new Batman to moviegoers as soon as possible, Armie Hammer would be a fine choice.

What do you think? If not Hammer, what other actors would you like to see assume the mantle of the Bat?